Tape Library Issues

I recently installed a new tape library at one of the sites I manage for work. It's an Overland NEO200s with an HP LTO Tape drive and 11 cartridge cassette. This library has a bar code reader in it which should make tape rotations much nicer. The tape library that I'm used to at the other site doesn't have the bar code reader on it which drives me nuts since my backups on a good day run 28 hours plus in length. For me to rotate the tapes I have to hold my job queue and run a manual inventory which takes 20 to 30 minutes.

MySQL Tweaks

These are some tweaks that we are using in our default MySQL installations at UC. There are some application specific changes that we will need to make but I will add those later.

Note these should be favorable for using both Innodb and MyISAM database engines together. There will be application specific tweaks on another post.

vi /etc/my.cnf or use your favorite text editor.

XenServer: Adding Additional Storage to the Local Storage Repository

So we are in the process of migrating from RHEL 5 XEN in various patched states to XenServer w/CentOS 5.2

For some of our testing we do not have direct access to our current SAN and are still waiting for a new SAN to arrive. In the meanwhile we are using the Local Storage Repository (LSR) with a nice USB drive hanging off the front.

Still Going

Just to say that I'm still alive and going. I've been consumed by work, so much so that I've not had much time to put toward the writings that I want to do here nor really had the drive at the end of the day (but I'm working 18 - 20 hour days for the next few weeks).

In the beginning...

In the beginning there was a blog and the blog was...well a blog, about technology. Welcome to the place I showcase the work I've done and my experience with technology. Here I hope to post every now and again my two cents on technology. Sometimes I'll try to write in a how-to manner things that I've found tricky to do because there wasn't much help from the great search god , or I just want to keep the information in a centralized spot of sorts. I hope that you'll poke around a little and take a look at some of the projects that I have going on.

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